HI! I'm Carl Drew and this is my story.

Again! The Bristol County Legal System Acts Blind When Carl Drew is put before them.

The Justice System? ..... Just Another Mafia

Carl Drew

I am a fifty-year-old man who has spent half of my life in prison for a crime I did not commit. My name is Carl Drew and at the time of my first trial I really believed in the Justice System. So much so that I requested a speedy trial because I believed that as long as I told the Truth I would be set free. Wanting to be freed as soon as possible for a crime I did not commit. I wanted out as soon as possible, wouldn't you? That was my reason for not taking any of the deals they offered me. No deal they offered me could persuade me to plead guilty to the horrific crime I am incarcerated for. I was offered a deal four times by the District Attorney, Mr. Ronald Pina before my trial. While I was working on my appeal, I was asked, if I would take a second-degree plea as did my co-defendant Robin Murphy but, I told them to "stick it because I am innocent!" I would not accept this as if it were some prize as Robin Murphy did because I had not committed the crime that she had so, no deal was acceptable to me.

I lived my life anyway I could to survive. I was far from an angel and it is I, who still feels the shame for those whose feelings I hurt, to get the money I needed to survive. But never did I kill anyone or even think of killing anyone. It takes a sick person to kill people the way those three young woman were killed. It came as no surprise to me that Robin Murphy could do such a thing. I chose to hang around with the misfits of society like myself. I never really hung around with Robin Murphy as I disliked her from my first meeting her. But, others I hung around with did spend time around her. Robin as well as Carl Davis who I'll tell you a little about later on in this newsletter were known Satanist’s and proud of this fact. Well, Robin took what she was doing way too far, and on her own killed three young women. This seventeen-year-old young woman had practiced Paganism before she was even ten years old. She was telling the girls who were hanging around with her that there was a cult and the members of this cult would kill them, but if they paid her a fee which she convinced them to get by prostituting themselves, she could protect them. The only one the fee was going to was her, because in her sick mind she was "The Cult". It seemed Satan had his paws dug so deep into her that nothing seemed too crazy for her to do to those who crossed her path.

In a time and a country where Freedom is supposed to be free, well, at least that's what our forefather's promised us when they signed the Declaration of Independence, you know, Freedom of Speech and Religion along with all those other great promises. I sit here and have to wonder, is it, since I've been imprisoned for twenty-five years. The Legal System along with Robin Murphy who was telling them, because by her own confession, said at my hearing, that the District Attorney's people needed a more horrendous confession, which turned my trial into a Witch Hunt.

It all started out as a one man fight over 25 years ago against the whole Bristol County Legal System. Even my own court appointed attorney wasn't on my side. I know this sounds crazy but it's true. I had to fight the system for a crime I had nothing to do with in anyway what so ever, with no knowledge of how to do so.
My case was dubbed "The Fall River Cult Murders". It has haunted and hurt the families of the victims as well as so many other people over the past twenty-five years. The case, if you can even call it a legitimate one, will be realized is nothing but a farce when given all the facts. When you are through reading this you will also realize it was all put together by a seventeen year old girl by the name of Robin Murphy. She along with the Bristol County District Attorney's, the Judges and the Massachusetts State Police manipulated all of my witnesses and the whole case from day one.

I know that people of all walks of life who have followed this manipulated case have seen what the Bristol County Legal System has done to me. Still all knowing this, after all my appeals, and my evidentiary hearing and all these years there still is no Justice for me. Would someone with a lot of money and/or Political pull still be in prison as I am? I think not! This was proven when Carl Davis who had the same charges as I did slipped out of prison after two years. On this mans first day out of jail he committed another act of severe harm. He went directly to Sunny Sparda's home with a dagger in hand and attempted to kill this then one hundred pound, 3 month pregnant woman. He pummeled her with his fists and then kicked her repeatedly while wearing combat boots. He then plunged the dagger into her head screaming at her, "I know Robin told you it was me, not Carl Drew, who helped her and I'll kill you before I go back to jail". Sunny's neighbor John Denmead heard the commotion in the hallway and came out of his apartment to see hat was going on. Unbeknownst to him that he was walking out into the hands of a murderer he ended up with his hand cut off. For these crimes, while supposedly still awaiting trial for the cult murders, Carl Davis received a five to seven year sentence. Sunny told anyone who would listen that it was Carl Davis, and not I who had helped Robin Murphy with her crimes, but as you can see it fell on deaf ears because here I still sit doing a Natural Life Sentence! A man with money and political pull fathered Carl Davis, two things of which I had none. So after his prison sentence was up, he walked out of jail a free man. While the true murderess Robin Murphy is out on parole never having received any psychological treatment that she so desperately needs. Please read the facts as I have put them before you in this newsletter, so you too will feel the shock and astonishment that this travesty of injustice has been allowed to continue!

I will not tell anyone that I am not upset with Judge John Connor Jr., the Judge who presided over my Evidentiary Hearing, for his decision on my motion for a new trial. People have asked me if I was surprised at his decision to deny me a new trial and to that I answer, "not at all!". The reasons for that are, if you look at the Commonwealths list of potential witness's for my hearing you will see twenty-six names, twenty-six men of a prestigious stature in and around the Bristol County Community. How could I, a man with no money or family in Massachusetts, get a fair hearing? We all know that no state likes an outsider to come into their state and commit a crime. Those who do never seem to be treated fairly unless they have money for a good attorney who may have connections in that state. I had neither the money or a good attorney, I didn't think I needed any of those things since I am innocent of the crime I am imprisoned for.

How could Judge Connor Jr. feel he was being fair to me to even have the hearing in this county? I believe that it's part of his oath taken as a judge to be sure that each individual sent before him get a fair trial or hearing. I guess he didn't take his oath very seriously just as the rest of the Bristol County Legal System involved in my case didn't seem to take theirs. I know that when you have a job you make friends at work and you may or may not continue that friendship outside the workplace. But when it comes to the kind of work a judge, a District Attorney or a Lawyer do I don't believe their work should be discussed outside the courtroom, unfortunately it does! Do I have proof of Judge Connor doing such things as speaking of my case outside the courtroom, maybe perhaps over dinner with his colleagues, no I don't. I will however tell you of a friend of mine who had a retired Bristol County Attorney as her attorney. She was very concerned as to the amount of time she would be receiving for her crime because it was of a fairly serious nature. So she asked this attorney if he had any idea of the number of years they were offering her as a sentence. Knowing how eager she was he put her mind at ease by sharing with her that he, the District Attorney and the Judge on her case would be having dinner together that night at the District Attorney's home. And he would be sure to know the next morning when she called him what her sentence would be. When she called him the next morning he did know her exact sentence. So proof is out there if you have the means to look for it that cases are spoken of outside of the courtroom. It is a shame that we have to worry about getting the right judge because the law is the law! It shouldn't matter what relationship the judge has to the prosecution or the defense.

If you sit on a trial or a hearing you will hear the District Attorney and the attorney call one another esteemed brothers. When the Judges bench is approached the lawyer or the District Attorney or both say "may we approach your honor". This is all going on around me as I'm sitting shackled, barely able to move and not once was I referred to with any respect. I am a fifty-year-old whose innocent of the crime I've spent half my life in prison for and I should get some respect. But no, I get referred to as the defendant when I've done nothing wrong! Assistant District Attorney David Waxler had the audacity to try to belittle one of my witnesses by telling the press he was embarrassed to have his name associated with hers. Had he done his job properly and not threatened my witnesses at my first trial by telling them not to tell the truth, he wouldn't even have been called in again all these years later. He threatened my witnesses along with Ronald Pina by telling them “they'd be right along side me if they didn't say exactly as they told them to”. He's embarrassed alright because he let a seventeen-year-old girl tell him what to do and he did it. It was Sunny Sparda he claimed to be embarrassed to be associated with, so does that mean he feels more superior to other human beings than her because she was a witness. She was not on trial and had the courage to call the police when Robin Murphy confessed to her about killing those girls, and didn't know if she could stop killing, which is more than I'm sure he would have done. He hasn't walked a day in any of our shoes so how dare he presume himself to be better than anyone. Judge John Connor also found Sunny Sparda's testimony to be biased because we were friends. What about the prosecutions list of witnesses, they aren't biased people when Mr. Waxler has hand picked them himself to testify for him as to his professionalism on the job.

The court then claimed Carol Fletcher was incompetent because of the medication she was on and made her look like she was on street drugs due to her lack of memory. Carol Fletcher had liver cancer and was on some serious medications. In all reality extra time should have been granted until Carol was off the medication. She's now in remission and speaks much better than she did at my hearing. At the hearing they made her sound like she was either stupid or lying because she couldn't remember the exact words that were in the affidavit she had signed. Also left out was the fact that at the start of Carol’s testimony Robin Murphy was at the window of the courtroom door staring at Carol. Knowing that Carol is petrified of her the court officers finally had to make Robin leave the courthouse while Carol was on the stand. The same night that Robin killed Karen with Carol present, Robin later climbed into Carols bedroom window at Carol's grandmothers house and told her, “we'll be questioned and you better say that both Carl's were present and that Carl Drew handed me the knife and ordered me to kill Karen”. Carol Fletcher fled to Washington State because she was afraid to testify at the first trial but the State Police found her and brought her back. She was so afraid to testify she tried to take her life by jumping out of a window. They treated it as if it were a joke and didn't care at all about Carol's health or state of mind, they forced her to testify right then. Carol Fletcher was given complete immunity for her testimony at the first trial and she told the lies that Robin had told her to say. She tried recanting and I was never even informed nor was my attorney John Birkness, unless he just never told me which could be highly likely.

Sunny Sparda was taken into a back room of the courthouse and threatened by DA Ronald Pina, assistant DA Mr. Waxler and my public defender John Birkness. Ronald Pina was screaming at her, telling her that if she said one single word to help me out that she would also be in jail on the other side of me and would lose her child. Sunny had a two-year-old special needs daughter at home with no family to help her if she went to jail. They also threatened her with the statement that they would give Carl Davis a plea bargain “so good” that he would say anything they told him to say. Her only involvement was calling the police because Robin confessed to Sunny and a friend David and asked her what she could do because she still felt compelled to killing more young women. Sunny's advice was that if she had really done it and felt no remorse and still wanted to kill more women was to turn herself into the police. So why Sunny was even being badgered is a mystery to me but she was and with my attorney present. When Sunny looked to him for help he just shrugged his shoulders. So Sunny pled the fifth because she wouldn't get up on the stand and lie, but before they took her off the stand she was screaming, "they're making me say this by scaring me, I want to tell the truth!". The Judge ordered her out of the courtroom.

Another witness, Leah Johnson had three prostitution cases pending and was also threatened with two and a half years for each case against her. They also told her that they would make sure her children were taken from her mother. So what was she to do? There was no evidence against me so they threatened three women who were very scared at the thought of going to jail for something at least two of them had nothing to do with. Please tell me where the justice is there because I surely can't find it!

It was only after the book Mortal Remains by Henry Scammel came out that I found out Attorney Birkness had never defended anyone or had ever been involved in any way with a murder trial. Doesn't that alone show how the Bristol County Legal System right from the time of appointing me an attorney was out to get me? He wasn't even known to be a lawyer. After my case he never again practiced criminal law.

If anyone is wondering why Robin Murphy picked me to do this it was all over me slapping her in the face for something she had done to my girlfriend? Your right, I shouldn't have touched her in anyway but taking my life from me is a pretty big price to pay. All over a slap, she started her web of lies.

At my evidentiary hearing the truth finally came out. Robin Murphy stated on the stand that I wasn't present at the murder for which I am imprisoned. I couldn't believe that not only did Judge Connor not grant me a new trial, but even after the truth came out, I was still being taken back to prison in shackles. Robin Murphy is a very sick person but she is also very intelligent which makes her very dangerous in my opinion. She has an I.Q. of over one hundred and thirty seven and that was when she was tested early on in her sentence. She's since then obtained an associates degree and has taken advantage of every educational benefit offered to her. She’s always used people by dangling their fear of prison or death in front of them.

The District Attorney's office worked right along with Robin Murphy. They also used Carl Davis to threaten witnesses, he would tell them if they told the truth they would get harmed by "The Cult" so not only did they lie at my trial but they also worked out there on Bedford Street prostituting and giving him all their money out of fear of being killed or imprisoned.

Robin Murphy was given complete immunity for the first two murders she committed. She received second degree murder for the murder of the third girl whose head she brutally severed. What a reward she received for killing three defenseless women.

The Justice System told her that she'd need a good story and that is how the web of lies started to spin. She accused me, someone she hated, and the system was elated with the story she was telling them. Now they could look like the grand hero's for prosecuting the man she pointed to, which was me! She swore under oath that I made her do it.

I didn't have a chance from the moment they arrested me. Yet, I believed that once I had my chance to tell my side, the truth, that I would be freed. I was aware that when one has no money for a lawyer one gets appointed to a public defender. What I wasn't aware of was the fact that some of these public defenders don't have the guts or the experience to stand up to the state. That they just do as their told. Of course I had the pleasure of getting one of those. His name is John Birkness and he was more like a public "pretender" than a defender. But when the court is paying for your defense I guess those are the odds your faced with. Honest---or Not. I received the later. Mr. Birkness went along with whatever the Justice System told him to. They threatened all of my witnesses right in front of him and he did nothing to aid me in any way at all. They (my witnesses) feared the long arm of the law and he acted as though he was afraid of them too. Well he doesn't even practice criminal law from what I've heard and he never was a criminal lawyer.

The Justice System is run as the Mafia is, think about it. The higher up on the echelon ladder you go the more connections you make. Which in turn results in more power, then more favors owed to you for the people you've helped while in the positions you've held.

Over the past twenty-five years I've had my share of lawyers. One was Attorney O'Boy with whom I finally thought I had a fair shot because he's known to be a very good attorney. Unfortunately he played by Mr. Pina's game. He even told me that he was going to like my case because he despised Mr. Pina when in fact there very good friends. So while I sat back thinking, I finally was getting my fair chance as all should receive, I was being played as if my life is a game to those who have put and kept me here. In the end Attorney O'Boy wouldn't even give me my own court transcripts when I repeatedly requested them from him. I finally found some people in here who helped me prepare the proper paperwork it takes to do a Rule Thirty. This goes to the board of overseer's and they forced Attorney O'Boy to give me back my paperwork. It took a year and a half to get back my own paperwork. All while he was attempting to hold me back from making the next move I needed to make. Another public defender, given to me by Bristol County.

After twenty-five long years I headed back into court for my evidentiary hearing in Bristol County. This time with a lawyer whom I trusted, who worked diligently for years on my case for no money. Even he was convinced with the evidence at hand and my witnesses that I would surely be set free. Here I was, an innocent man getting another chance thinking for sure that this time justice would prevail. But money and prestige were needed, two things which I had none of. The other side had their reputations to protect and didn't want the world to know that I along with my attorney and the lead detective on the case twenty-five years ago had a very compelling story to set forth.

When you start a war with the prosecutor being a star, proof doesn't mean a thing. They will not admit that after twenty-five years and the murderess they chose to believe, that they were wrong and made to look like fools, because a seventeen-year-old girl had dictated their actions and had deceived them.

With all the money they have and all their pull they'd accomplished again what they set out to do. They'd bring anyone who the people would believe to court to speak for them on their behalves. Anyone who would look honest in the public's eye was dragged into court. That's what happened when I went back to court in 2004. Once again I was not believed because of all their money and lies. All their witnesses came in all polished up and drowned out my witnesses' truths.

Even Robin Murphy confessed at her parole hearing that she in fact had been lying all along and that she had never seen me do anything wrong. She testified to the same on the stand at my hearing.

I can see why the District Attorney put up such a big fight to not even overturn this case, because it means admitting that Robin Murphy, at the age of seventeen, manipulated the Bristol County District Attorneys, Ronald Pina and David Waxler. She also lied and was believed by the Massachusetts State Policemen Paul Fitzgerald and Daniel Lowney. The last thing they want the families of the victims and everyone to know is that they were played as fools by an adolescent. My life in jail, rather than admit they were all wrong! Robin Murphy took away my freedom with her lies and the law allowed her to do it!

I truly am sorry that if Karen Marsden's family sees this and it brings up more bad memories. After all that they've already had to endure. I know they just want Karen's memory to be laid to rest, so to them my condolences and best wishes for her memory to be laid to rest. I’d also like to thank my Attorney Michael Cutler, retired police Sgt. Paul Carey, who was the lead detective on my case and Patrice who assisted Michael Cutler. They worked so diligently on my case and all for just believing in my innocence; none of my ongoing fight for freedom would even be possible without them.